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Sports the Difference is established in 2011, to create an environment to help children to develop in sports. In Sports the Difference, we believe in Long-term Athletes Development (LTAD) and believe that everyone is a champion in sports. We know that sports training is not only for competition but also to enjoy the fun. by building a passion in the sports, one can enjoy it for ages.

Today, Sports the Difference have 2 program, Wushu learning and Strength training program to help our athletes to build a resilience mind and body. With a strong mind and body, athletes will be able to overcome any obstacles in life.   



Our studio have a competition size (14m x 8m) carpet for Wushu training and also fitness facilities for strength training program. 

Safety of athletes is our priority in training, We make sure that injuries in training is minimal.

  • Wushu competition size carpet

  • Weapon corner 

  • Punching bag

  • Traditional routine learning

  • Competition routine learning

  • Wushu difficulties learning

  • Fitness corner

  • Squat and bench press rack

  • Dumbbell 

  • Sit-up bench

  • Hurdles and ladder

  • Skipping rope for cardio

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