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Sports the Difference (Established in 2011) strongly believes in nurturing children and adolescence in sports.

Today, many sports training institutions are more focused in competitive sports. Participants in these sports face a lot of stress and pressure in striving for perfection. Hence, their enjoyment of the sports have decreased. Being unable to cope with the stress, many young participants have quit and stopped being involved in any sports for fear of stress inflicted by the instructors.

Sports the Difference adapted the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) concept to encourage more children and adolescence to take part in physical activities as well as having a long term passion in sports. Our target audiences are children from age of 4 and above. We also cater fitness programs for adults and families.

Discipline is important in every sports. Hence, here in Sports the Difference, we believe in developing a strong sense of discipline through experience and engagement in sports, so that students will learn core values like respect, resilience, teamwork and determination to do their best. We hope that these core values will be translated into their daily lives so that they will have the self-discipline and strength in character to face various challenges in life.


Lam Soon Industrial Building

63 Hillview Avenue, #08-18

Singapore 669569


Tel: 8598 9660 (Whatsapp)



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