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4 Basic Exercise for Children to do at Home

The benefit of Strength Training for children

  1. Improve mental and physical health

  2. Increase bone density and strength

  3. Improve self-esteem

  4. Injury prevention

1. Squat

a. Feet shoulder width apart, toes parallel to each other or slightly turned out, eyes

looking forward

b. Push the hip backward while moving down, with body upright, and slowly bend the knees

c. Once the tight is parallel to the floor, pause for a moment

d. Push upwards to standing position as fast as possible

e. Repeat the movement to desired reps

2. Push up

a. Body face downwards on the floor with both hand slightly wider than shoulder width

b. Bend the elbow backward/ sidewards, while the body maintain the posture

c. Push the hands against the floor and bring the body up to the starting posture

d. Repeat the movement to desired reps

** Place the knee on the floor for those who have difficulties doing the standard push up

3. Crunches

a. Lie On the back with knee bent(on the floor of lifted up)

b. Place the hand across on the shoulder

c. Tilt the chin slightly toward the chest

d. Curl up and forward toward the abdominals (head, neck and shoulder blades lift off the floor)

e. Bring back the shoulder back to the starting posture

f. Repeat the movement to desired reps

4. Superman

a. Prone down straight and face down on the floor

b. Extend the arms fully straight

c. Simultaneously raise the arms, legs chest off the floor and hold the position

d. Return back to starting position

** multiple reps (back extension) or 1 time holding

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