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Athletes vs Bodybuilder

Have you ever wondered what you are watching sports events, athletes come in different types of body shape. They are not big muscular size yet they can perform well in their respective sports. In the gym, there are more people who focus on training the build and they may not be athletes.

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Athletes strength training is to improve their performance in sports and bodybuilder training to develop their muscle mass. They both have different objectives in training even though the workout that they are doing may seem to look alike. While bodybuilders focus on every single muscle in the body and training to develop some of the muscles that are hard to develop, their training focuses on strength and hypertrophy. We often see them carrying a heavy load, with low set and reps and longer recovery time and they focus on single muscle at any point of time. Often, speed and endurance is not the most important factor in developing the muscle mass, therefore cardio training will be minimized.

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Athletes on the other hand, their training is more sport specific workout. It all comes into what is the workout that will benefit them more in their games. But at some point of time, they will still work on muscle groups that they seldom use. Due to the nature of sports,athletes will not benefit if they just train on a single muscle group, therefore they will often train on multiple muscle groups. In competitive sports, apart from their technique skills and tactics, speed, agility, strength, power, endurance and flexibility are important factors in determining their results.

Before your training, you often need to have an idea on what you are training for. Setting a clear target can help to advance better. Determining what is the objective for your workout session is also important. Make sure it benefits you in your long term sport development.

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